CM System Designs is an exceptional software and web development company that truly stands out. From the moment we engaged with them, we were impressed by the professionalism and expertise of their staff.

They were excellent throughout the entire process, from the initial specification stage right through to the delivery of the final application.

What really sets CM System Designs apart, is their commitment to providing ongoing support and improving their software to meet their clients' ever-changing needs.

They are proactive in their approach, always seeking ways to enhance the software and make it more efficient and effective for their clients. This level of dedication and customer service is rare and is a testament to the high standards of the team at CM System Designs.

Overall, we could not be more pleased with our experience working with CM System Designs. Their software has exceeded our expectations, and they have been an absolute pleasure to work with.

We would highly recommend them to anyone in need of top-quality software development and support services.

Peter O'Connell

Peter O'Connell Head of Marketing

CM System Designs successfully converted our manual booking process into a comprehensive, centralised, efficient online system. We named it BMS (Booking Management System). The BMS gives us a clear overview of the state of all our artist bookings across all of our venues at any given time including real-time financial reports.

It has helped us save time, and therefore money by automating many time-consuming and repetitive tasks. It also allows artists, agents and venue managers to interact with it 24x7 at their preferred time.

CM System Designs support is very responsive and efficient. Each of our enquiries/requests is promptly looked into in depth. Whether the issue is straight forward or quite complex, CM System Designs conduct a thorough investigation and quickly get back to us with a full report and the best fix or solution.

Our system is being constantly enhanced and improved so that it can keep up with our team and client’s new ideas as well as new technologies and system upgrades.

The BMS has taken our well-tested booking process which has been lovingly developed over more than 10 years by our experienced music programmers, centralised it and made it more efficient and robust. This allows our music team to spend more time on finding and booking great artists for our venues.

Ross Dines

Ross Dines Music Manager, PizzaExpress

CM System Designs recently produced our new website, which has already received some very good feedback from our clients and customers, since going live in January.

Our site is a little unusual because it has to combine a good ecommerce platform with the educational side of our work.

They took the time to drive up to our offices in Buckinghamshire and spent time looking at our process and products; and finding out how we work and getting a feel for the ethos of the work we are involved in. They then produced a proposal for us, which took into account the fact that our budget was not huge for what was actually a pretty big project. Their knowledge and experience made it possible to come up with a workable plan of action.

I am happy to recommend CM System Designs to other businesses who are looking for reliable, creative and knowledgeable people to create bespoke systems ranging from those that are relatively simple for sole traders and small business, right up to big corporations who need complex solutions for their businesses.

Lesley Taylor-Brett

Lesley Taylor-Brett Co-founder & Managing Director, BALANCE International

We needed a ticketing system written for our business that had a specific set of security needs in order to ensure our customers’ data was kept secure. After several productive meetings we decided to use CM System Designs to develop our main ticketing system.

Throughout the process they have understood and interpreted our needs to the letter and provided us with a system that has transformed our day-to-day work. We are very pleased with the result and very impressed with the level of expertise utilised to develop this system.

Phil Ware

Phil Ware Managing Director, Allware Systems

CM System Designs completely rebuilt our website on a customised CMS in early 2019. Our requirements were complex and our timescales were short, but they delivered on the brief and added significant value in doing so. It is the easiest website CMS I have ever used (and I’ve used a fair few) and it makes things like Wordpress look very dated and convoluted by comparison. The lovely thing is that they customised it to our precise needs, so it makes working with it each day really easy and efficient.

We’re now talking with them about the next phase of the website that will include integration to our other systems and I am very confident that they will continue to add value to our operation. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.

Dan Hare

Dan Hare Communications Director, Forfront Ltd

CM System Designs have been an absolute life saver.  From hours and hours of labour intensive manual inputting of data, which ended with human error and missed dates, to fast, 100% correct - the right artist to the right venue every time.

With over 30 venues and growing monthly, programming weekly artists all over the country, it was getting very difficult keeping track of different artists, different locations, double booking and reports.

They came in and listened to our every need and want. What they produced next and quickly was exactly what we needed to manage our 300 list of artists and over 30 venues needs.

They have gone through training with us in how to use the new system, been on the end of the phone and continue to support and tweak anything we need. We cannot recommend them highly enough!

Sep Cole

Sep Cole Live Playlist Manager, PizzaExpress

Needed a website for my new business that would stand out from the ordinary and they over delivered!

Communication and service outstanding and I would strongly recommend yo give them a chance to produce or revamp your website.

Paul Barnett

Paul Barnett Founder & Managing Director, Performance Property Management Ltd

I had the great pleasure of working with CM System Designs in the complete redesign and update of the website for my business.

Right from the initial meeting to discuss our aims and concept, through the build and then going live with the new site, CM System Designs were superb.

I couldn't have asked for a better team to work with in realising our vision for the new website and I'm delighted with the result.

Ian Fereday

Ian Fereday Founder, Repercussion Drum School

CM System Designs have just delivered a fantastic new website for us and understood our requirements perfectly.
Great to work with, professional and cannot recommend highly enough.

Simon Franklin

Simon Franklin Founder & Managing Director, Franklin Commercial

CM System Designs are fantastic to work with because although they're IT specialists, they talk our language!

We give them a brief, and hey presto, we get a proposal which is word and budget perfect. 

They are so professional, flexible and very patient, and totally understanding of the requirements and demands of our clients.

I am sure over the years we have tested them to the limit with our last minute requests and amendments, but they have always produced the goods - within the time constraints and budget!

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith Managing Director, Lumina CR

We had a general idea of how we wanted to present our management consultancy on our website, and provided an outline brief to CM System Designs.

Chris discussed this with us, and provided a number of excellent suggestions on layout, tone and functionality.

He and his colleagues then produced a first iteration that we were very happy with, and required only a few tweaks to exactly meet our requirements.

The CM System Designs team were calm, professional and fun to work with, and I would unhesitatingly recommend them.

Keith Lindsay

Keith Lindsay Director, Edzell Associates Limited